Enterprise Agreement Dps

The customer can extend his SA for each product if the customer has obtained an indeterminate license and his for that product as part of a prior agreement in the same volume licensing program, provided that 1) the new agreement or registration of the customer is effective no later than the day after the expiry of the agreement or pre-registration and 2) the renewal order must be granted before the expiry of the previous SA coverage, unless this coverage is extended by an Open License contract. In this case, customers have 90 days from the expiry date to place the order. The customer`s right to use all the consulting and support services that Microsoft (“Professional Services”) provides under the terms of the product is subject to the customer`s volume license agreement and (2) to any Microsoft Services master-level contract that the customer may have at the time of purchase. In the event of a conflict, the most up-to-date professional service agreement is monitored. If the customer`s master contract for the granting of a volume license is a version of Microsoft Business Agreement that dates back to before September 2007 or that contains no other conditions for professional services, and if the customer has not signed another Microsoft Services contract at the Master level, the following additional conditions apply to all Professional Services purchased and used by the Client. The Step-Up license must be acquired and is valid only if it is acquired, under the same volume and registration licensing agreement (if any) was acquired under SA coverage for the qualifying product. The customer`s right to use software under a Step-Up license depends on the fact that they own and retain a license for the qualifying product. The permanent rights of customers under the Step-Up licence replace and replace the underlying license for the qualifying product. For more information, see the Enterprise Edition Step-Up License Volume Licensing Brief: www.microsoft.com/licensing The number of eligible telephone media incidents varies by customer by SA`s spending and payment option. Sa-spend incidents are collected on the basis of server and desktop editions SA under a Select or Enterprise qualifying record, Select Plus registration, Open Value Agreement or open license number.