Ibm Iasp Agreement

An independent Axillary storage pool is a collection of hard drive units that can be put online or repossessed the network, regardless of the remaining memory on a system, including the system`s ASP, basic user ASA and other independent ASPs. An independent ASP can be linked between multiple systems in a cluster environment or privately with a single system. The benefits can be considerable in cluster environments with multiple systems and in unique environments. In a cluster environment, z.B. can provide the use of an independent ASP hard drive, which can be switched between cluster servers and provides continuous resource availability. In a single-system environment, independent ASPs can be used to isolate rarely used data, which does not always have to be present when the system is operational. ASP One System ASP exists per family of ibm iSeries servers. The system automatically creates the ASPl system (ASP 1) that contains disk unit 1 and all other configured media that are not assigned to a single or independent ASP. The system`s ASP contains all the objects in the system for the operating system licensed program and all the user`s objects that are not assigned to a single or independent ASP. User-ASP There are basic ASPs and independent ASPs. A basic user ASP can be created by grouping a group of DASD units and assigning ASP. Set up basic ASAs with numbers 2 to 32. Independent PSOs are numbered from 33 to 255.

In a cluster environment, independent ASPs can be switched between systems without having to perform an IPL that allows continuously available data. ASP A base A is used to isolate certain objects from other objects that are stored in the ASP system. Basic ASAs are set by the user. Data in a simple user ASP can still be accessed when the server is up and running. When the memory is depleted for a basic PSP, the data may be overwhelmed in the DESP system. This is different from an independent ASP that does not allow data to be dumped into the psP of the system. Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (Independent ASP or IASP) An independent ASP can be provided (varied) and cannot be made available to the server (varied) without restarting the system. If an independent ASP is associated with a switchable hardware group, it becomes a switchable PSP and can be switched between an iSeries family server and another iSeries family server in a cluster.

An independent ASP, which is not assigned to a cluster resource group, is called a private ASP in APIs (Operating System Application Programming Interfaces). Independent ASAs can also operate in association with other independent ASPs in an ASP group. The following definitions describe the types of independent PSAs. There is: custom file system, primary and secondary. Custom File System (UDFS) An independent ASP, which contains only custom file systems, can only be a member of an ASP group if it is converted to primary or secondary ASP.