Subject And Verb Agreement Prezi agreement means that the sentences match. Subjects must match verbs and pronouns must correspond to precursors. Otherwise, your sentences seem heavy and upsetting, like yellow teeth with red tie. STEP 1: You create a presentation or video recording with six to ten slides with PPT, Google Slides, Prezi, YouTube or similar presentation or video software that explains any of the grammatical concepts of this module (nouns, pronouns, verbs, subject-verb correspondence, unfinished verbs, adjectives, adverbians, conjunctions, prepositions, articles, sentences, clauses or any other specific aspect of the grammar introduced in this module). They are encouraged to be creative. It could be written as a story, poem, song or rap and presented in any way you find funny and informative as long as you meet the minimum requirements. The basic rule of over-concordance of sentences is actually very simple: a subject must correspond to its verb in number. (Number means amount. This number can be singular – one – or plural – more than one.) Watch the video below to understand how it works. After selecting the Prezi of your choice, click the full-screen icon in the lower-right corner of the presentation screen. Click “Allow” if you are prompted to do so.

You can click on the Prezi using the arrows on the right and left of your keyboard or by clicking with the mouse on the arrows on the presentation screen. To end full-screen mode, use the “Esc” key on your keyboard. Also, make sure the volume is turned on to listen to the audio for each presentation. For this task, create a grammar “history” or book that explains one of the grammar concepts presented in this module. You may have heard examples of “ELI5” (Explain it Like I`m Five) that try to explain difficult concepts in the most fundamental way – this is almost the level we aspire to, but perhaps with a little more detail. To access and watch a presentation, click on a screenshot below. STEP 2: Put the link to your story in the discussion forum. Add a paragraph about what you`ve learned in your task that you`re most proud of.

Take a look at the following presentation for more details….