U Haul Rental Agreement Contract

When you arrive at your pickup location, you will receive a truck number specifically for your signed lease. You`ll also go through a tour with a team member to check the rental truck before departure. Depending on how you move, either you are calculated per kilometer or a certain number of miles will be allocated to you. At the beginning of your move to the city, you will get an estimate of the rate for an average of X Miles, in this example 24.0 miles. Although the move has not yet been completed, the estimated cost of the move is $59.41 as stated. Now it`s all there. Now that you`ve signed up to your lease, you officially know how to read your lease! All that`s left is to start charging and unloading your moving day. Check out these great tips for loading and unloading your moving truck. How long will I keep my rental truck? When loading your belongings into your moving truck, one important thing you should pay attention to is time. Whether you get dressed in a day or have several days to complete your move, make sure you plan ahead and have enough time to load and unload.