Wsu Housing Agreement

Read the FAQ below or contact the Housing Office at [email protected] or call 507.457.5305. If you currently live in a dormitory and would like to move to another dormitory or room, consult your Director of Residential Education. Once your application is received, we will check our waiting list to see if there are any other allocation changes in front of you and to determine the availability of storage space. If space is available, you will receive a room transfer card that authorizes your move. The new room will be assigned to you and you will receive a date by which you will have to complete the move. You will need to check correctly from your current room, which means you will submit the keys to your reception and sign the room inventory agreement. View your balance due for cost changes. If you have any further questions or concerns about this process, please contact the reservations office at 335-4577 or [email protected] The policy is based on the belief, underpinned by national and local data on the benefits of living in approved first-year housing, that our living and learning environments offer students the greatest educational value. In addition, there is a strong interest in the education, well-being, health, safety and comfort of all our students. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, lifestyle, gender or ability, our students benefit from interaction with other students as well as the academic and social support services provided by our dormitory living staff. Residents with a poor credit history with Housing and Food Financial Services may not be eligible for university housing. WSU Housing and Dining Financial Services reserves the right to refuse future housing assignments to a resident with a history of more than one letter of delinquency; more than one eviction notice; Cleaning, damage and/or delay fees of more than $200; or other factors that indicate a poor credit history.

You can terminate your housing contract at any time. However, your accommodation contract is valid for the entire academic year and depending on your departure, certain penalties apply. .